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Sometimes all we need is a fresh start!

I do not believe that age should determine your health, fitness or appearance. But I do believe that a healthy lifestyle can prevent many diseases and discomforts, and that the right nourishment can be as good as medicine.

Too often we underestimate the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle; unconsciously ignoring our head, body and soul. Too many people are not comfortable in their own skin, are insecure, and have lost their self-identity! Such a shame to see how much they deny their true potential by not unlocking their full power!

Can you reset your body? Yes absolutely! Just because your body is unhealthy now, doesn't mean you must live like this forever.

Imagine that you were given the chance to detoxify your body. Both inside and out. Imagine that you can heal yourself, let the waste products that we have accumulated throughout our lives, through the wrong nutrition and intake of unnecessary medicine… wash away.

Imagine that you can be filled with energy again, remove blockages from your body, your skin becomes tighter, you literally and figuratively feel better within!

Imagine that you no longer allow your life to be disturbed by insecurities, blockages or traumas.

This is absolutely possible!!

The answer is Transformational Cupping. When this treatment is combined with manual therapy and nutritional guidance you receive the ultimate body reset!

What customers say....

A warm welcome in a soothing practice room. Evi took the time to feel at ease and carries out the treatment with great respect and a passion for cupping. (especially for the insecure me) She gives tips and explains the treatment clearly so you know what it does to your skin and how it can recover through cupping. After 1 treatment I already noticed a clear difference, especially because of scars that were less visible. A treatment at Evi is not only strengthening for the skin but also for your mindset. Definitely recommended

Cupping was a new and very pleasant experience for me. With evi, we look further than just the local causes, but the entire body is tackled. You will be reset both physically and mentally. After my first session I immediately noticed a world of difference. My sleep pattern had improved significantly and my back pain was gone too. I felt more energetic and fitter both physically and mentally. My first session with Evi was a guaranteed success and is therefore recommended for everyone to do!❤️

When you enter Evi's house you are immediately at ease. She radiates so much peace that before she starts the treatment, you are already relaxed!

Evi always gives you a "beautiful" feeling.. and has no preconceptions about someone's appearance, which makes her a beautiful woman not only on the outside but also on the inside. She brings out the best in you both internally and externally.

Cupping therapy is a must! You may have to grit your teeth for the first few sessions, but that will improve with time. I saw real results after 3x!!

Warm welcome by the hostess Evi , cozy space where you receive a relaxing massage and at times very intense cupping treatment . I slept very well that night and felt very Zen the days after! Highly recommended ! © 2022